Decision Aids Founded to Deliver Trustworthy, Custom Analytics

Rated: #1 by Pleased & Delighted Clients!
#1 By a leading Marketing Mix & Attribution Evaluation Organization
#1 By The Academy of Management

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Founded to Deliver Trustworthy, Custom Analytics

• We help teams make faster, more profitable decisions through trustworthy, valuable insights and, as needed, powerful, state-of-the-art analytics.
• We also serve as trusted advisors.

Background and track record:
Our team lead was mentored by Dr. John Tukey of Bell Labs, and Princeton U., a founder of Data and Marketing Science. We bring those served his our our love of trustworthy, profitable insights. Our advertising insights and models have been highly rated over the years, pleasing and delighting clients plus garnering high-acclaim from many experts in the field, including Dr. Frank Bass. Also:
• #1 By a leading Marketing Mix & Attribution Evaluation Organization. Our team lead helped birth the #1 rated omnichannel marketing mix and sales investment models referred to within HBR Magazine as the "holy grail" of trustworthy, profitable insights and planning,
• 100% in Verification. Our results have been verified by numerous in-market test versus control studies and have "won over" major skeptics,
• #1 Academy of Management. We help teams find greater satisfaction and productivity through the merging of science and HR (flowing from Wharton's and Cornell's lead), and
Importantly #1 by pleased and delighted clients of all levels including CEOs, CMOs, CSOs, CTOs, CFOs and their teams!

Increases to ROIs can be dramatic and major companies have said it has been one of their best investments:
• An increase of 10x+ is not unusual, and our typical project essentially "pays for itself" -- many times over.
• We have assisted clients in delivering nearly a billion dollars of incremental growth.

Great feedback that we've received:
• "...the best... We tried several times to do the marketing ROI...with several BIG name firms, and they all failed due the complexity ... However, [the team lead of Decision Aids] created a model we all feel very good about and are providing actionable insights daily.

Equally important, they are great partners who are fun to work with and are "in the fight" with you--great collaboration and flexibility."

We would love to learn more about your challenges or needs.   

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Quantitative Edge Decision Support Tools:

Drive sales through powerful, remarkably accurate targeting and scoring models. They are testing at over a 100% improvement in minimizing wrong targeting versus the best produced by major high technology vendors' software.

Drive sales and profits through powerful, market-proven omnichannel marketing mix and attribution investment models. They more accurately measure ROIs versus those of key lead vendors by factors of 1.5 to 20x through our highly-rated, "holy grail" of trustworthy, profitable insights and methods. 

Reduce risks, direct plans and successes, explore alternative economic and market possibilities, derive optimal pricing, production and inventory through accurate predictive models.

Drive Success by knowing what works for your teams and across companies . We offer you #1 Rated Academy of Management expertise. We measure (and help improve!) the influence of teams, relationships, HR, hiring, training, communication and management practices.

Imagine tools that do not just graph data, but also
disentangle relationships and give you trustworthy, powerful "what-if" tools to assess the impacts before the fact.

Imagine taking the power of these "what-if" Insights to
-- Segments and even Key Customers

In the office, at home, or on the go...


White Papers:

Be a Marketing Measurement Hero! Four Easy Steps to Disentangle Increasingly Complex Relationships to Drive Results
Bringing Marketing and Finance Together--What Key Teams Appreciate: What-if scenarios and optimization across products and markets. Course-correcting feedback.
Supervisors Impact Upon Employee Performance--More of What Teams Appreciate: Success by Understanding the Impact of Supervisors on Employee Performance.


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