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One cannot improve what one cannot accurately measure. We offer you market proven successes and a track record in solving challenges that even big name vendors could not.

• Imagine not just having great dashboards and graphs, but also powerful "what-if" tools where you assess the impact of alternative spend and investment strategies to drive reults--before the fact, rather than after the fact.

• Imagine marketing management no longer frustrated--as P&G has been--by not having reliable measurements of the impact of their investments, such as for social media.

• Imagine powerful, market-proven omnichannel marketing mix and attribution models. Ours are more accurately measuring ROIs versus those of some lead vendors by factors of 1.5 to 20x.

• Imagine having great leads for sales. Our models are testing at over a 100% improvement in minimizing wrong targeting versus the best produced by major high technology companies' software.

• Imagine tools that go beyond Power BI and the multitude of providers of stunning visual insights.
• Imagine models accessed via powerful dashboards, mobile applications or by -- your existing systems,

• We provide high-level, rapid assessment and solutions for many of your immediate needs, and more in-depth models as needed.

Other Areas in Which We Support Teams:

• Disentanging how the economy impacts your business and how to use this to minimize risks and maximize profits
• Promotion effectiveness, as to what works best, and in providing tools to help plan future promotions
• Building strong brands and increasing customer lifetime value
• Strengthening campaigns/messaging/targeting (including scored lists of customers for sales and marketing) /segmentation
• Loyalty, retention, workforce analytics, call-center management, using CRM data to increase both leads and sales
Enhanced test versus control studies to minimize risks and ensure accurate insights; Making test control studies even more valuable -- by including them in your predictions and models
• Helping determine dynamic pricing to maximize sales and profits
• Equity modeling to disentangle & maximize the drivers of stock performance, financial & P&L modeling and Bayesian methods.

We also help with data integration/databases/reporting/business intelligence, optimization, automated alerts as to "what you would like know to prosper your goals", machine learning, BIG data, collaboration systems, systems to integrate and use learnings, visually insightful and intelligent dashboards complete with "what-if" simulations, apps, etc.

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Thank you for taking the time to look over our Decision Aids site.
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